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Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley Patron
  Description:  Highest level of support for WCSV, so we can continue connecting over 1,000 alums in our area
Membership price:  $100.00

Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley Book Patron
  Description:  Sponsorship of a Wellesley book award honoring an outstanding Bay Area high school student
Membership price:  $57.00

Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley Membership
  Description:  Consistent support for WCSV to ensure free or low-cost programming for all
Membership price:  $35.00

Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley Young Alumna (10 years out
  Description:  Reduced rate for young alums to continue connecting with Wellesley and the network
Membership price:  $20.00

Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley Limited Income Membership
  Description:  Consistent with WCSV and Wellesley’s values, please do not hestitate to utilize this private option to join the club.
Membership price:  $10.00

Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley New Graduate Membership Due
  Description:  Sign up for this complimentary membership to get to know WCSV and our community. We’d love to have you.
Membership price:  $0.00